Similkameen Country

Simikameen Recreation Centre

The Similkameen Recreation Centre offers a variety of recreational activities. Fun for the whole family. The facilities include a bowling alley, an outdoor rink, squash and racquet ball courts, and a workout area.

The Similkameen River

The beautiful Similkameen River offers opportunities for fishing, swimming, canoeing, and kayaking. Floating down the river in inflatables is especially popular on those hot lazy summer days.

Winter Fun

The outdoor skating rink at the Similkmeen Recreation Centre is popular in the winter months. Figure skating, recreational skating and hockey are enjoyed. 

Cross country skiiing and snowshoeing are also popular in the area.


The Similkameen Valley is surrounded by hills. These hills and the valley itself are repleat with beautiful hiking trails from casual strolls along the river to challenging climbs in the hills. Spectacular views can be had from any of the hills surrounding the valley.