membership benefits

Contacts, Network & Partnership

As part of our directory of local businesses, you will be provided with many networking possibilities, especially through member-exclusive events. An excellent opportunity to meet other business owners and represenatives, exchange professional knowledge and promote your business. All chamber members will receive a member decal for their business window starting June 2023!

Exposure, Advertising & Social Media

A wide variety of marketing support is included in your membership, including but not limited to a listing in our online business directory, the  display of your info material at the Keremeos Visitor Centre, interaction with your business social media profile, as well as the promotion of your events through our event calendar and social media channels! Being a chamber member gives your business a hightened name recognition in our area.

Community & Belonging

Your chamber membership will not only benefit you and your business, but our entire community. As our group expands, so does our opportunities to help our region grow and improve.

Impact & Collaboration

By becoming a member of our Chamber of Commerce, you are joining a group of eager business professionals, determined to create a strong local economy, have their voice heard by our local government and improve the lives of everyone in our community.

Chamber Insurance

Members of the Similkameen Chamber of Commerce receive the exclusive opportunity to take advantage of the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan.

BC Chamber of Commerce

The Similkameen Country Development Association is a member of the BC Chamber of Commerce – and our members are automatically, too! This allows them to take advantage of many discounts and benefits:

Besides the opportunity to access the Chamber Group Insurance (see previous slide), we’re also able to recieve travel and hospitality discounts (like fuel or hotel rates), as well as support for business services (e.g., Staples Preferred) and much more! If you are a member and you would like to take advantage of these offers, don’t hesitate to contact us!